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Vintage Child's Chalkboard Easel

The vintage child's chalkboard easel is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your desk. This scrolled slate easel is perfect for your school desk and comes with a wood frame and footed scrolled slate. This scrolled easel has a comfortable stool feel and is lined withweave to keep your work organized.

Vintage Child's Chalkboard Easel Amazon

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Vintage Child's Chalkboard Easel Ebay

This vintage child's chalkboard easel is a great way to have a looksbook or class desk going at no cost. It's foldable desk is 16" wide, making it perfect for a small office or classroom. The 36"x36" contemporary chalkboard on one end of the desk is the ideal size for displaying student work. The other end has a ratcheted handle for easy storage. This easel is perfect for teaching students about art and writing, or for displaying school photos and artwork. It is made of wood and has a cream and brown leather cover. The desk version has a chromed desk top and the chair version has a eraser desk top. It is also have a hole in the front for a air pocket. this vintage chalkboard easel is a great way to keep your child's classroom entertained andgrounded in time! The easy-to-use tools and templates make it easy to create a new boarding sheet, veneering sheet, or ink pads. Ospel music and art supplies are always a hit at our house! this is a great item to have in a child's room for remembering school supplies and dr. Seuss characters. The chalkboard easel is easy to clean and is a great way to teach children about the bible and the u.