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Easel Desk Calendar

Our easy-to-use easel desk calendar is a great way to keep your calendar in style. With a stylish dark wood look, this calendar is perfect for any indoors. The calendar has all you need to keep you on track for.

Easel Calendar Refills

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Easel Calendar 2020

The cavallini papers is a series of files that from 2022 until 2022 are being stored in a storage box in boston, the box is filled with other files that are related to the series, including the cavallini papers themselves. The series is investigating the who, what, and what time of year is being stored in the boston box. the desktop easel calendar is a great way to keep track of your work and let you know when your due in. This cavallini papers easel desk calendar is the perfect way to do just that. It has a stylish design and is wonderful for either office or home use. this desk calendar with easel is perfect for that special someone who loves art. The 20x6 inch size is perfect for showing off your art to everyone around you. The monthly view lets you know when your work is done, and the double-view allows you to see everyone from the front, back, and side view. this is an easel calendar from the 2022 season. The calendar has beautiful vintage-inspired images of flowers and other orchids. The calendar is 6. 75" wide x 6. 75" wide.