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Cardboard Easel Backs

Looking for a stylish and functional easel back store display? look no further than the garfield enoscope figurines from the 80s. These board game inspired easels are perfect for any store display you might want to create.

Cardboard Easel

Step-by-step guide on how to make a cardboard easel 1. Choose a surface to make your easel from 2. Choose a project to work on or in between projects 3. Buy cardboard 4. Make sure the cardboard is very smooth 5. Make a frame for the easel 6. Choose a color for the frame 7. Start cutting the cardboard to the right size 8. Start painting your scene 9. Hang the easel on a dry place 10. Enjoy your cardboard easel.

Cardboard Easel Back

This is a great purchase for your cardboard easel! This 10 pack of 4x6 cardboard easel backs with 2 metal hangings will help keep your artwork looking great and in tact. This is a great way to keep your background clean and clear, while your readers have access to your more complicated work. this is a 10 pack of 8x10 7 78 x 9 78 cardboard easel backs with 2 metal hangers for t. For easy assembly. The easel backs are easy to clean and are a great addition to your art collection. this easy-to-use cardboard tabletop easel is perfect for creating art on your tabletop. The 4 x 6 and 8. 5 x 6. 5 easels provide a space forframing four or six pictures, or space for frames of art. The easy-to-use backs for picture frames are also a great way to make sure your work looks perfect. These cheaply-priced easels are sure to help you up your art skills. this easy to use photoflower easel back has four 5x7 photos connected by a picture gutters. The photos are exposed on a bright, white poster board. This backsplash looks great with any look.