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Artist Easel

Our artist easel stand will help you take your art to the next level. This stand can be customized to adjust to your own needs, making it the perfect choice for artists of all levels. The standout design on this stand is its adjustable painting easel stand tripod. With this feature, you can adjust the tripod to fit your specific painting needs. The drawing board and other sketches on the stand can also be easily accessed with a top-mounted sketching tool.

Wooden Beechwood Adjustable H-Frame Studio Easel, Artist Tray Wheels Hold Canvas
- Medium (ct-pb-0910)

Sienna Plein Air Artist Pochade

By Sienna Plein Air


Aluminum Sketch Box Portable Folding Durable Artist Painters Tripod

New Easel Aluminum Sketch Box

By Art Alternatives


Large Metal Tripod Stand Floor Portable Display Painting Art Craft
Folding Box Sketch Painting Table Drawing Portable

3 Layer Wooden Artist Easel

By Unbranded


Large Metal Tripod Stand Floor Portable Display Art Painting W/bag

Art Easels

If you're looking to create a home art gallery or museum, you'll need to have some art easels set up. There are a few different types of art easels out there, and we'll take a look each one's benefits and drawbacks. the first type of art easels are the "artboard" easels. These easels are usually set up in a room where you can see and touch the art work. This is a great way for artists to share their work with others who are will be able to enjoy reading about it. the second type of art easels are the "frame" easels. These easels are more traditional in terms of their design and it's why they're often used in a professional setting. They're perfect for creating a sense of place or museum casegoals. the third type of art easels are the "slip" easels. These easels are less commonly used but they're they most popular type of art easels. They're set up like stand-ups and allow you to touch and explore the art work yourself. the final type of art easels are the "trellis" easels. These easels are designed to provide a more of a art showy experience. They're perfect for art professionals or homes with a nice amount of space. all of these different types of art easels have benefits and drawbacks to consider before making a purchase. Are you sure you want to set up a "frame" art easel or a "slip" art easel? let's take a look at each type's benefits and drawbacks.

Drawing Easel

This artist tabletop adjustable wooden h-frame studio painting drawing easel is perfect for drawing or painting ideas. You can choose to use this easel to hold your drawing or painting in two different positions: top or bottom. The adjustable h-frame also has a comfortable handle for easy handling. this easy to use and powerful art painting stand is perfect for artists of all levels of experience. With a metal tripod stand, this stand can be used for just about anything art-related. The easy storage and transportalization of your art ideas is also part of the reason why this stand is so popular. The red and black color scheme is popular and perfect for any artwork, regardless of genre. Additionally, the tripod stand is perfect for any artist who wants a simple and efficient art display. the artist easels are the perfect solution for anyone looking to reduce or avoid damage to their work space. These easy to use, foldable artists easels come with a variety of options for their own individualized work space. Whether you're looking to use them as an insert for sketches or as a place to store supplies, an artists easels offer aids in decreased damage. this is a great painting easel for artists who want toise want to painting on the go. It has two levels of adjustability which makes it perfect for anyone from the average user who wants to paint on the go to more experienced artists who want to art painting in the wild. The metal frame also means that this painting easel can last for many years without any damage.